I Was Here...

I'm  little girl with a big dream. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to change the world. But now as an 17 year old girl, I realise that it's impossible to change the whole world. I still have the same dream but I'm gonna try it a little bit smaller. I thought if I can make people realise -even if it's just for one second, 5 minutes or an hour- that something has to change and that they can make there own change by doing something small, that would be great.

So that's what I'm gonna do today. A long time ago I heard this song (I Was Here-Beyoncé) on the amazing blog: Your Inspiration Blog. The song was so impressive!! I listended once, twice,...and when I listen to it again, I'm still impressed. Beyoncé shows so well how one person can make a big difference!!! I don't want you to change your habits. Just turn the volume on, listen to this song and take the time to think about it... Maybe next time you see someone who needs help, you will think about this song and help that person.
Enjoy your weekend!!
xx Ine


  1. Altijd blijven dromen en probeer je dromen ook waar te maken als je het echt wil ! :)
    Mooi liedje!

  2. Prachtig liedje he, ik heb het haar live horen zingen. Rillingen over heel mijn lijf! Maar het is echt wel waar, en het doet me beseffen hoe belangrijk het is om de mensen die je nauw aan het hart liggen te koesteren.

    X Sara

  3. Wouw! Dit liedje bezorgde me kippevel op mijn armen! Echt een mooi nummer!