What makes me happy every day...are my socks!

Hi everyone. Today I'm showing you a small part of my "happy socks collection".    I once started buying 1 pair of funny socks. I liked them so much that I kept on buying socks. I have socks in every color and with a lot of crazy prints. I have orange socks with watermelons, blue socks with dragonflies, socks with colored stripes, socks with pink and blue puzzle pieces... The crazier the print and colour, the more I like them :)  
My collection is still growing and I hope it will never stop. 

I know that you normally don't see socks. So why are they so important to me? I think these socks give a funny touch to every outfit. I know you don't see them. But you know it and that's what makes me happy. Or when someone notices a yellow stripe under your pants and mentions that you wearing nice socks. Isn't that a great reason to wear them? They make you and the other lucky person who saw them happy.
Which socks do you wear?
Xo Ine

blue and orange socks - Springfield / black and pink socks - Soxi (Veritas)

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  1. Haha I soo agree :D Socks are so fun to wear! The colors always cheer you up! Your collection is wonderful! *w* The ones with the lemons are soooooooooooo adorable! *w*