red and black

Here I am back with a new outfit (finally). This is one of my favorite outfits. OK actually it's my sisters shirt but I wear it more than she does and when it's in my closet it means I can wear it as much as I want. :)
Now about the outfit: Normally I don't like to wear a shirt as a dress but with this one, I think it looks much better (maybe it's  little bit sporty) and it feels SO comfortable. What do you think about the combination black and red? Doesn't it looks great? 

I have to tell you that some of the pictures are weird but that's because I took the pictures by myself. Nobody had time for me...snif snif. Ok, that was totally no problem, I thought,  then I just try it on my own. 
So lets have a look.
                      xo Ine

By the way jumping while taking pictures is really difficult!!